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Turing Award winners, Chinese and Foreign Academicians and Deans of Universities will Gather in Chengdu, 2021 Chinese Congress on Artificial Intelligence Set Sail in Chengdu in October


2021 Chinese Congress on Artificial Intelligence schedule (CCAI 2021) is locked and will be held in Chengdu High-tech Districts from October 12th to 13th. With the theme of "Wisdom Enlightening the Extraordinary" and the goals of "Strengthening Self-reliance, Hardening Innovation, Deepening Integration and Optimizing Synergy", the conference sets up three sections: "Main Forums + Special Forums + Concurrent Events", including eight important reports, one peak dialogue, nine special forums, and six concurrent events. The conference will attract twenty-five Chinese and foreign academicians, thirty-two deans of Universities and Enterprise Research Institutes, and more than twenty corporate technology leaders to discuss new trends in AI academic research and technological innovation, and seek a new future of digital intelligence transformation in traditional industries.

Lead by Turing Award winners, Chinese and foreign academicians,Listen to the international frontier reports

The eight keynote speakers at the conference are all highly influential teachers and experts at home and abroad. Whether in academic and technical research, or in the direction of industrial applications, they are leaders in their respective fields.

For overseas guests: Professor Joseph Sifakis ,Turing Award winner, holds the title of academician of several countries, and his research area is the basic concept and application of autonomous system design; Professor Luc De Raedt of the KU Leuven School of Computer Science focuses on integrated learning and reasoning in artificial intelligence and is a world-renowned scholar in machine learning, probabilistic logic and data mining and related applications; Professor Alex Pentland, a member of the American Academy of Engineering, is known as the father of smart wearables and is the world's leading scholar and most cited scientist in the field of big data research.

For domestic guests: Academician Li Deyi, Honorary Chairman of CAAI, is the main pioneer in the field of uncertainty AI, the active leader of unmanned driving in China, and an important promoter of the development of AI industry in academia and research fields; Academician Zhou Zhihua, Vice President of CAAI, has made important contributions to integrated learning, multi-labeling and weakly supervised learning in the field of machine learning, and is the first Chinese scholar to be elected as a Fellow in all five major international societies related to artificial intelligence; Researcher Liu Chenglin, Vice President of CAAI, is currently the Deputy Director of Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and is a senior expert in pattern recognition and image processing; Academician Tian Qi of the International Eurasian Academy of Sciences is the chief scientist in the field of artificial intelligence in Huawei Cloud, and has been named as one of the 10 most influential scholars in the field of multimedia; Xia Huaxia, Vice President of Meituan, and a senior artificial intelligence scientist in the industry, whose main research interests include autonomous driving, knowledge graph, computer vision, speech recognition, natural language processing, etc.

Create a full lineup of academicians for peak dialogue, Pulse the industry development pain points from the multidimensional perspective

As the highlight link of this conference, the peak dialogue’s guests consist of 5 academicians from different research fields. The conference will aim at the  prominent  problems and challenges in the development of intelligent industry, and inspect the future trends of intelligent industry from different research perspectives through the form of boundary-breaking common wisdom and multi-dimensional focus.

This full academician lineup of peak dialogue will show us the technology dynamics of artificial intelligence and the current state of industry applications in three dimensions. Academician Dai Qionghai is a leader in artificial intelligence (stereo vision) and computational videography; Academician Chai Tianyou is an expert in control theory and control engineering; Academician Huang Wei is the founder and pioneer of organic electronics and flexible electronics in China; Academician Luo Xiangang is an expert and scholar in micro fabrication optical technology; Academician Wang Endong is the leader and industrial pioneer in server technology in China.

Focus on core technologies and popular industries deeply, Explore the way of collaborative innovation together

Around the industrial artificial intelligence, intelligent medicine, AI art, intelligent hydropower, air and space intelligence and other popular applications, as well as natural language processing, computer vision, big data, intelligent robotics, block chain and other core technologies, the conference will promote the integration of artificial intelligence and industry, create application scenarios with practical value, commercial value and promotion value, and guide the collaborative development of China's intelligent industry ecology through theoretical sharing, technical seminars, case analysis, model argumentation and other perspectives in the form of thematic activities.

In the special forum and concurrent activities, the conference will invite the most influential scientists, entrepreneurs and innovators in the field of artificial intelligence, as well as government and industry leaders. They will present a series of leading academic achievements and innovative thinking through a three-dimensional perspective of "cutting-edge exploration, hot spots digging deep, and industry scanning", put forward constructive solutions for the collaborative development of the industry, inject change and vitality into the regional intelligent ecological construction, and drive the development of artificial intelligence in the host region and surrounding areas.

At that time, the latest research results of over ten industry leaders such as Jingdong, Huawei, Ali, National Energy, DaXiao, Shell Finder, Netease, etc., and thirty-six famous universities and research institutions such as Tsinghua University, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Fudan University, University of Electronic Science and Technology, Sichuan University, Nanjing University, Zhejiang University, Chinese University of Hong Kong, University of Michigan, etc. will be present at the conference. While maintaining an international cutting-edge perspective, it will combine the actual needs of the industry, promote the progress of AI technology and industry integration in China, and provide constructive references for the development of the intelligence industry in Chengdu and the southwest region.

Amplify Chengdu's innovation ecology highlights, Bring the prosperity to regional industries

At the end of May this year, with the official unveiling of the Chengdu National Artificial Intelligence Innovation and Application Pilot Zone, Chengdu has formally entered the new development stage of "double-wheel drive" of National New Generation Artificial Intelligence Innovation and Development Pilot Zone and National Artificial Intelligence Innovation and Application Pilot Zone.

As the AI innovation highland in southwest China, Chengdu has a strong demonstration and driving role, which can strengthen the regional linkage of Chengdu and Chongqing and promote the synergistic development of the industry in the province and even in southwest China. The holding of the Chinese Congress on  Artificial Intelligence in Chengdu will not only bring huge intellectual resources and cooperation opportunities to the local area, but also empower the development of the smart industry in the southwest region and become an important communication platform and showcase window for the region.

Until this year, the Chinese Congress on Artificial Intelligence has been successfully held for six times, growing into the top industry exchange platform in the field of artificial intelligence in China, leading China's basic research and key innovation in intelligent science and technology on the road to self-reliance and self-improvement, making important contributions to the promotion of China's artificial intelligence academic prosperity, technological progress and industrial development. The 7th Chinese Congress on Artificial Intelligence will be held in Rongcheng, and under the stimulation of the convergence effect of the conference, the industry elites will surely work together to create outstanding achievements.

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