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In order to study and judge the development trend of China’s emerging industries and make clear the direction of industry key technological breakthroughs, the China Association for Science and Technology solicited of major industrial technology issues for the first time in 2021. Finally, 10 major industrial technology issues were released. In order to further promote the application of achievements and build a research and judgment system for the integration and mutual promotion among academics, think tanks, and popular science, the China Association for Artificial Intelligence (CAAI) organizes the solicitation of achievements in condensed projects of major industrial technology issues for application.

The specific matters are as follows:

I. Soliciting Issues 

Achievements of Major Industrial Technology Issues Project (Project Number: 2021XSJLCYJS001)

The 10 major industrial technology issues are:

● How to achieve precise photonic integration for large-scale integrated optical chips?

● How to develop medical artificial implant materials for the aging diseases?

● How to develop cavity surgery robot products that blend soft robots with intelligent video control integration technology?

● How to develop large-scale low-energy consumption liquid hydrogen technology and long-distance green hydrogen storage and transportation technology?

● How to solve the key technical problems of China’s aviation engine nacelles?

● How to break through the targeted rapid, economic and safe pollution reduction technology of heavy metals in arable land?

● How to utilize wind, light and water to accelerate the realization of the "carbon neutral" goal?

● How to overcome difficulties about the key technology research and development and engineering demonstration of floating offshore wind power?

● How to prepare high-clean, high-homogeneous and ultra-fine-grained high-end bearing steel materials?

● How to develop satellite interconnection network communication technology with 5G/6G?

II. Project Contents

Please chose one of the 10 major industrial technology issues mentioned above, and then write an analysis report, compile a popular science article and then hold an high-level expert seminar to form a think tank suggestion report. 

1. Write an analysis report. This report should make a retrieval and analysis of national authoritative and core papers and world patent data, do an in-depth research on the publication of scientific research results in related fields, distribution of research forces, scientific research cooperation situation, industry-university-research transformation, etc., and it should also reveal the scientific, cut-edging and leading nature of the selected problems from the perspective of big data, and provide data support and decision-making basis for comprehensively grasping relevant research progress and conducting relevant research layout.

2. To compile a popular science article. This article should interpret the question and the background of the question, the explanation of the question, future development prospects, decision-making suggestions, etc., with 5-10 corresponding pictures, and the number of words is about 5000 words. And senior scientists are invited to interpret the core content of the question to form a 400-word opening introduction. One or two application examples can be put forward according to specific problems. Manuscripts should be written in an easy-to-understand manner and reflect the characteristics of popular science.

3. To hold a high-level expert seminar. This seminar aims to discuss and put forward some solutions and forward-looking policy suggestions. The attending experts’ opinions, special report and technology achievements are recorded, summarized and condensed to write a high-quality suggesting report with 3,000 words and the complete paper materials and audio and video materials are submitted at the same time.

III. Funding

Funding: not more than 100,000 for each project.

IV. Registration Way

1. Every application unit should fill in the Project Application Form (Annex1) with complete elements, distinct theme, reasonable target, clear structure and standard form and content and indicate the project number to be declared on the top right side of the cover page.

2. The application acceptance time is from now to 12:00 on September 2. Overdue applications will not be accepted.

3. The electronic version of the application materials should be sent to the designated mailbox before the deadline for application.

V. Review Process

1. Preliminary reviews by experts. The association will make a preliminary selection from the solicitation. Afterwards, the high-quality projects are selected and submitted to the China Association for Science and Technology.

2. Final reviews by experts. An expert review committee made up by the Association for Science and Technology will make a final assessment of the preliminary selection projects.

VI. Contact Us

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Email: msc@caai.cn

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