• 2021-09-16 Thursday

The“CAAI-Huawei MINDSPORE Academic Award Fund” is co-sponsored by CAAI and Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd. It aims to build an academic exchange platform for AI researchers in universities and research institutes, provide services such as funding, numeracy and technical support. It also tries to promote the application of MindSpore in scientific research in AI as well as support the publication of academic papers at high-level international and domestic conferences and journals based on the MINDSPORE framework. It intends to stimulate the development of original scientific research, and construct the global influence of Chinese artificial intelligence scientific research. 

The selected projects will be funded in two categories:

Category A: 90,000 RMB with no more than 30 projects supported by the program; 

Category B: 180,000 RMB with no more than 10 projects supported by the program. 

Please submit the application materials according to the “Application Guide” (see attachment for details). 

Application Beginning Time: 2021/9/1

Application End Time: 2021/10/10 

Release of Evaluation Results: 2021/10/30

Project Completion Deadline: 2022/10/30

Exclusive Application Email: xsjljj@caai.cn 

Contact: 010-82686683 

Contact Person: Zou Yaru 13121123883 

Please click at the end of the article download attachment: 

CAAI-Huawei MINDSPORE Academic Award Fund Phase II Project Application Guide (2021).docx

Project Application.docx



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