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Notice of Soliciting Projects of “Commendation·China Science Communication 2021” 

In order to thoroughly implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important speeches at the Conferences of the Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering and the 10th National Congress of China Association for Science and Technology, and implement General Secretary Jinping’s instructions that “Science and Technology Innovation and Science Popularization are the two wings of innovation and development, putting them at same important position.", we should unite and lead the sci-tech workers and popular science workers to promote the spirit of science, and popularize science. In accordance with the requirements of the No. 18 Document [2021] issued by the Association for Science and Technology, Chinese Association for Artificial Intelligence will organize the "Commendation · China Popular Science 2021".

Relevant matters are hereby notified as follows:

I. Soliciting Projects

Five projects will be solicited, including science communicators of the year, popular science works of the year, science communication events of the year, annual science rumor dispelling tally and the highest honor title of the China popular science. 

1. The science communicators are divided into the figure of popular science of scientific research, the figure of grass-roots popular science and the special figure of popular science. All the three kinds of figures have popular science teams, and can be applied for simultaneously. 

2. The popular science works of the year include four categories: popular science books, popular science films and videos, network popular science works and popular science exhibits.

3. The annual popular science figures and the annual popular science works can be recommended by the National associations, the Provincial Associations for Science and Technology, the member units of the National Science Literacy Program Implementation Office, and the member units of the China Public Science Literacy Promotion Union, while other institutions must apply through the above-mentioned units.

4.The annual science communication events and the annual science rumor dispelling tally can be screened and analyzed by big data and reviewed by experts but application and recommendation are not accepted.

5. The highest honor title of the China popular science does not need to be declared separately, which will be dug deeper from the declared scientific communication figures and be selected by experts through comprehensive evaluation. If there is no suitable candidate, it will be a bye.

II. Notices for Participating in Reviews

(1) Participation Methods

The relevant units of the association will recommend one for each project in principle.

(2) Registration Way

Fill in the recommendation form of “Commendation · China Popular Science 2021” and then send the electronic edition form to emailbox zhb@caai.cn before September 5,2021.  

III. Selection Process

In accordance with the "open, just and fair" principle and strict selection criteria, the recommended and solicited contents are selected.

(1) Primary Review by the experts 

The association will make a primary election of the recommended contents. After that, each project is selected and submitted to the China Association for Science and Technology.

(2) Final Review by the Experts

The Association for Science and Technology form an expert review committee to make the final assessment from the preliminary list.

IV. Contact Us

Contac Person: Teacher Jia

Contact Number: 010-82686686

Email Adress: zhb@caai.cn


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1.The basic recommending conditions for Awards of “Commendation· China Popular Science 2021”

2.Recommending form for the event of “Commendation · China Popular Science 2021”

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