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Artificial Intelligence technology has been deeply integrated into all links of information production and dissemination. Intelligence has also become the future development direction of media. The development of intelligent information needs more technology and application innovation. The 2021 China "AI +" Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition - Intelligent Information Innovation and Application Competition sponsored by CAAI and hosted by Sina News sincerely invites researchers, industry practitioners, college students and enthusiasts to participate in order to help the development of intelligent information.

Organization Architecture


Chinese Association for Artificial Intelligence


Sina News

Support Departments:

Harbin Institute of Technology

Tsinghua University

Fudan University

Expert review

Expert consultant:

Ting LIU

Director of computing department and Dean of School of computer science and technology, Harbin University of Technology


COO of Microblog, CEO of Sina Mobile, Dean of Sina AI Media Research Institute

Expert review:

Hongzhi WANG

Professor of School of computer science and technology, Harbin University of Technology

Chaokun WANG

Associate Professor of School of software, Tsinghua University

Zhenying HE

Associate Professor of School of computer science and technology, Fudan University

Yunhui LI

Head of Sina Mobile Algorithm and vice president of Sina AI Media Research Institute

Rules of Competition

(1)Background of Competition

Information flow recommendation is one of the important problems concerned by news information applications. Its recommendation effect will directly affect a series of user stickiness indicators, such as user refresh, duration, retention and so on.

The content styles involved in information flow recommendation are relatively diverse, such as image-text, Atlas, video, short video, network hot spots, high-quality tail, vertical field, etc., and the optimization objectives are diverse, such as click, forwarding, collection, praise, attention, etc.

How to carry out multi-objective optimization and improve the user experience in the complex recommendation scenario of information flow is the mainstream research hotspot and continuous optimization direction in the industry.

(2)Task of Competition

The official of the competition gives a batch of recommendation logs of news users in the scene of information flow. The participating teams conduct recommendation algorithm modeling according to the historical recommendation behavior data of users, and predict the interactive behavior probability of this batch of users in different contents, including click, comment, praise and attention;

 At the same time, the official provides a batch of training sets to the participating teams for algorithm modeling training.

(3)Competition requirements

1. Competition Participants

Researchers, industry practitioners, college students and enthusiasts.

2. Competition Form

Each contestant can participate in the competition alone or in teams. Each contestant can only join one team, and there are no more than 5 contestants in each team. The team must have a team leader and a secretary.

3. Registration method

Before August 20, 2021, the participating teams will register on the competition website( http://2021aichina.caai.cn/ )online, enter the team information and complete the registration.

Competition introduction

The competition will be conducted by means of online preliminary competition and reply. The team that finally wins the ranking will enter the national finals of 2021 China "AI +" innovation and entrepreneurship competition.


Registration deadline: August 20, 2021

Deadline for submission of preliminary works: September 5, 2021

Publication date of reply list: September 10, 2021

Time of reply and award: mid of September ,2021

National finals of 2021 China "AI +" innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition: October 2021

1. Online preliminary

Before 24:00 on September 5, 2021, the participating teams will email the algorithm model and design scheme to ai_ media@vip.sina.com , the organizer will evaluate the consistency of the test results and finally get the evaluation results of the preliminary works of each participating team.

The project of the participating team should be designed and developed independently. Plagiarism is strictly prohibited. If copying or plagiarism is found, the team will be disqualified from participating in the competition, and the right to investigate the relevant legal responsibilities of the applicant will be reserved.

2. Online reply

(1) Time: mid of September

(2) Reply method: the top ten teams in the preliminary competition will be shortlisted for online reply. The judge group will score the algorithm model and reply performance, and the reply time of each participating team is 20 minutes.

Award setting

The competition finally selects1 champion, 2 runners-up, 3 thirds, and the corresponding rewards are as follows:

The champion team (one team) : 20000 yuan;

The runners-up team (two teams) : 10000 yuan;

The third team (three teams) : 5000 yuan;

The winning team will also receive an honorary certificate.

Data and evaluation

In this competition, uAUC is used as the evaluation index of one behavior prediction results, and the weighted average is carried out according to the uAUC values of click, comment, praise and attention as the final score of the competition.

 uAUC is defined as the average value of AUC under different users. The calculation formula is as follows:

Where n is the number of effective users in the test set. AUCi is the AUC value of the prediction result of the ith effective user.

Data instructions

Participants must strictly keep all data and information confidential. The training data sets and test data sets used in the competition belong to Sina News. The data and information are only used for the competition. Without the prior permission of the organizer, they will not be allowed to be disclosed to any person or institution, distributed or broadcast and shall not be used for other purposes. If contestants publish the papers and make public speeches, etc. and use the competition data, they shall obtain the permission of the organizer in advance.

Competition management

1. Competition fee

There is no charge for this competition.

2. Catering and accommodation

Board and lodging expenses, transportation expenses and other expenses should be borne by oneself.

3. Contact information

Registration website: http://2021aichina.caai.cn/

Contact email: ai_media@vip.sina.com

4. Competition Information

The participating teams shall carefully review the competition rules and notification requirements, agree and accept their constraints. Matters not covered shall be explained by the competition organizer.

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