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The List of Outstanding Scientific and Technological Workers of the CAAI in 2021 Was Officially Announced

All people are committed to the Communist Party of China with self-reliance and self-improvement. The winners of the 2021 CAAI outstanding scientific and technological workers' style and achievements selection are officially announced! After review, 13 scientific and technological workers were selected as "2021 Outstanding Scientific and Technological Workers of CAAI", and 6 scientific and technological achievements were rated as "2021 Outstanding Scientific and Technological Achievements of CAAI”. The winners have worked diligently with the scientists' spirit of patriotism, innovation, truth-seeking, dedication, and collaboration, fully demonstrating the good style and features of scientific and technological workers of "caring for the motherland, serving the people, bravely climbing the peak, and daring to be the first". Here, the society congratulates the honorees!

In 2021, the Communist Party of China celebrate its 100th anniversary, and a new journey of building a modern socialist country will begin. The majority of scientific and technological workers should be led by role models, not forgetting their original intentions and bravely climbing the peak of science and technology, and keeping in mind their mission to build a powerful country in science and technology!

List of outstanding scientific and technological workers of CAAI in 2021


 Gui Weihua  Central South University


Shi Yuanchun  Tsinghua University


Qu Daokui  SIASUN Robot & Automation CO., LTD


 Qi Yuan  Ant Group


Liu Hong  Peking University Shenzhen Graduate School


 Ma Shaoping  Tsinghua University


 Jiao Licheng  Xidian University


Shan Shiguang  Institute of Computer Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences


Sun Changyin  Southeast University


 Ji Rongrong  Xiamen University


Wang Zhe Lieju  Lieju Network Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.


  Yan Wei  Changshu Institute of Technology


List of outstanding scientific and technological achievements of the CAAI in 2021


NUIX, a key technology system for natural human-computer interaction: (Tsinghua University) Shi Yuanchun, Yu Chun, Yi Xin, Wang Yuntao


Navigation brain system and its application in intelligent navigation: (Wuhan University of Technology) Yan Xinping, Ma Feng, Liu Jialun, Liu Chenguang, Wan Chengpeng, Huang Zhen


 Ant high-performance strong security privacy computing platform: (Ant Group) Zhang Benyu, Zhou Jingren, Wang Lei, Zhou Jun, Wang Li, Chen Chaochao, Yu Chaofan


 Big data digital twin real-time visual analysis platform for intelligent connected vehicles: (Fudan University, Changchun Boli Technology Co., Ltd.) Zhang Lihua, Jiao Jian


Intelligent control theory and method for motion-constrained autonomous unmanned systems: (Southeast University, University of Science and Technology Beijing) Sun Changyin, He Wei, Li Zhijun, He Xiuyu, Gao Hejia, Yu Yao, Liu Zhijie


Research and application of intelligent vehicle safety decision-making and collaborative control technology for complex traffic scenes: (Shanghai Artificial Intelligence Institute Co., Ltd. Shanghai Jiao Tong University) Zhang Xi, Song Haitao, Shi Jianping, Zhao Jianbo, Huang Wentao, Bian Dawei, Zhu Chong


June 29, 2021

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