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On the afternoon of January 12, the Chinese Association of Artificial Intelligence (CAAI) held the 14th expanded meeting of the seventh council in Nanjing. Chairman Li Deyi presided over the meeting.


Group photo of executive directors and representatives


Chairman Li Deyi presided over the meeting

The meeting heard the summary of the work of CAAI in 2018 and made the key work plan of CAAI in 2019, The meeting also made suggestions on standardizing the professional/disciplinary orientation of the members of the institute, and suggestions on the qualification of nominees for the top achievement award of the Wu wenjun Award, and made suggestions on the work of changing the term of office of the council.

This conference is of great significance as a link between the past and the future. While summarizing and reviewing the gains and losses of the work in 2018, it aims to set priorities, set the tone and set the direction for the development in 2019. With clear goals and clear ideas, the contribution and social influence of the society will be continuously enhanced to ensure the progress and speed of "building a world-class association".


 First, the Secretary General Wang Weining made a supplementary report on behalf of the secretariat on the work summary of the society in 2018 and delivered the key work plan of 2019. On the basis of the summary of Chengdu Council, this time the report mainly summarized from the Party building, targeted poverty alleviation, branch construction and financial aspects. In 2019, the work plan of the society will focus on building a world-class association, put the internationalization of the society on the agenda, and carry out propaganda, communication, cooperation, and service to foreign countries. At the same time, it will strengthen the building of think tanks, the construction of branches, and further build. Learn the brand activities and other directions to enhance the five major capabilities of the Institute.

Subsequently, Vice Chairman Huang Heyan made a report on the recommendations for standardizing the discipline/discipline direction of CAAI. The report focuses on the national artificial intelligence development plan, and uses the artificial intelligence action plan issued by various ministries as the program. According to the F06 classification of the National Natural Science Foundation of China and the basic direction of the intelligent science and technology discipline, the basic directions of 5 subjects has been identified through the discussion and argumentation of the experts. The subjects include basic brain cognition, machine perception and pattern recognition, natural language processing and understanding, knowledge engineering, robotics and intelligent systems. The discussion at the meeting concluded that the discipline/college orientation of CAAI is related to the building of professional disciplines, as well as the creation of authority and international influence. It will take the opportunity of re-election to comprehensively standardize the registration, census, and academic orientation of the member profession/discipline direction and will complete the construction of the discipline system. 

After that, Director Li Deyi made a Wu Wenjun Award's Top Achievement Award nominee's list. After proposal and discussion, the meeting determined four categories of nominees for the Top Achievement Award: Academician of the Information Technology Science Department of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Academician of the Information and Electronic Engineering Department of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Top Achievement Award Winner of Wu Wenjun Award, member of the Chinese Society of Artificial Intelligence, and its current chairman and vice chairman.

Finally, Vice Chairman Liu Hong introduced the recommendations of the Board of Directors of CAAI and made a systematic analysis of the work of the change in conjunction with the internal and external factors of CAAI. After discussions with the executive directors of the meeting, it was determined that the second half of 2019 will be re-elected and officially completed in 2020.


Three informants

Secretary general Wang Weining (on the left), Vice Chairman Huang Heyan (in the middle), vice chairman Liu hong (on the right)


Director li deyi awarded certificates to the newly established artificial intelligence and safety professional committee.


Yang Fangchun, Executive Vice President and Vice President Wang Guoxuan issued certificates for representatives of the outstanding professional committees of 2018.


The standing directors and representatives present at the meeting held in-depth discussions on the key work in 2019, and put forward valuable suggestions on the development of CAAI. The atmosphere at the meeting was warm.

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