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The 17th National Extension Academic Year Meeting, the cutting edge forum of artificial intelligence and the training course on extension innovation methods are scheduled to 2021 Held in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, from August 11 to 15, 2010. They are sponsored by the Chinese Association for Artificial Intelligence (CAAI), co-sponsored by CAAI Extension professional committee, Nanjing Audit University, the Editorial Department of the Journal of Intelligent Systems, the school of Economics and Management of the University of Sciences of China, and the Institute of Extension and Innovation Methods of Guangdong University of Technology. This meeting will exchange the latest achievements of extension theory, methods and application research in recent years, further promote the development of extension and its application in various fields, especially the deep integration of extension and artificial intelligence frontier direction. It will train more extension research and application talents through training courses, and expand the team of extension science community. Therefore, experts and scholars, doctoral students, managers and engineering technicians of enterprises and institutions, and people from all walks of life who are interested in extension research and application promotion are sincerely welcome to attend the meeting.

The scope of this "17th National Extension Academic Year Meeting" is the latest research results in theory, method and application of extension, including but not limited to:

1) Extension theory: basic element theory, extension set and correlation function theory, extension logic;

2) Extension innovation methods: extension model establishment method, extended analysis method, extension transformation method, optimization evaluation method, contradiction problem solving method, etc.;

3) Extension engineering: extension intelligence, extension design, extension control, extension detection, extension decision-making, extension management, and the cross research results of extension science and other disciplines (such as computer, mathematics, automation, audit, economy, education, teaching, etc.).


1) The writing is concise, reliable in data, with no more than 7000 words, and is accompanied by Chinese and English abstracts and keywords;

2) The paper should be a new research achievement, written strictly in accordance with the standards of scientific and technological papers, and has not been published in academic conferences or journals at home and abroad.

The papers employed by the conference need the author to participate in the meeting exchange, and then the extension professional committee organizes experts to review the papers, and evaluates the excellent papers, and recommends to the core journals such as journal of intelligent system, practice and understanding of mathematics and the column of "extension learning and innovation method" of Journal of Guangdong University of Technology (Science and technology core journal).

We welcome the researchers in relevant fields, teachers and students, entrepreneurs, engineering technicians, and all friends who are interested in extension research to contribute actively.

The solicitation of the current conference adopts the email method, and the address of the submission email is as follows: extenics@vip.163.com

Deadline for solicitation: June 30th, 2021

Date of employment notice: July 20th, 2021

Meeting time: August 11-13 (extension innovation method training course)

August, 13-15 (17th National Extension academic year meeting and artificial intelligence frontier Forum)

Address of the meeting: Institute of extension and innovation methods, Guangdong University of Technology


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