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In 2020, we experienced the persistence of anti-epidemic, and also witnessed the courage and wisdom of those who fought against the hardness. Looking back to 2020, we created extraordinary achievement, and every bit of harvest was inseparable from the pioneering spirit of CAAI members. Bid farewell to 2020, we will usher in the 40th anniversary of CAAI. Looking forward to witness the glory with you!

01 Fight the Pandemic

During the outbreak, CAAI rushed to the front line to donate navigation and service robots to Tongji Hospital affiliated to Tongji Medical College of Huazhong University of Science and Technology, and launched an anti-epidemic special issue to record members' efforts to fight the epidemic. On the occasion of the fourth "National Science and Technology Workers Day", CAAI was awarded the "Excellent Anti-epidemic Society".


02 Honor of CAAI

This year is a year full of honors. The society has successively been awarded as "2020 National Science and Technology Workers' Day - National Society Top Ten Outstanding Organization Units", "2020 National Society Science Popularization Work Outstanding Units", and the first place of "2020 Year's Most Influential" Organization”, and the third place of “China Association for Science and Technology Network Platform Propaganda Evaluation Ranking List of the National Society”.


03 Member Honor

Academician Wang Yaonan, CAAI Supervisor, Professor Jiang Changjun, CAAI Supervisor and CAAI 7th Vice Chairman, President Hu Yu won the Second National Innovation Award. Additionally, President Hu Yu, won the "Most Beautiful Technologist" in 2020. CAAI Vice Chairman Academician Zhao Chunjiang completed the "Beidou-based agricultural machinery automatic navigation and operation precision measurement and control key technology" , which was selected as the "2020 World Top Ten Technological Advances in Intelligent Manufacturing".

04 Brand Conference

Three major brand conferences of the society, namely the Global Artificial Intelligence Technology Conference, China Artificial Intelligence Conference, and China Intelligent Industry Summit Forum were successfully held in Hangzhou, Nanjing and Jiaxing in July, August and November respectively. More than 300 experts in various fields of AI from 13 countries and regions around the world shared their latest achievements and trends, and nearly 30 million participants participated online and offline.


05 International Conference

The society endeavors to actively carries out international academic exchanges, vigorously invites well-known overseas scholars to participate online forum, and share the research progress of AI, so as to successfully held the 2020 Academic Conference on Bioinformatics and Intelligent Information Processing, and the 2020 6th China Intelligent Technology and University Data Conference, 2020 International High-Performance Big Data and Intelligent System Conference, China-Singapore Digital Economy and Artificial Intelligence Summit Forum and other international conferences.


06 Paper release

The society organizes a team of experts to publish a blue book and four white papers to interpret the intelligent development pattern of typical industries such as smart medical help to fight the epidemic, smart manufacturing, smart agriculture, and smart driving.


07 Innovation China

Accelerate the transformation and application of scientific and technological achievements, and promote local economic development. This year, the society's AI technology expert service team has successively entered Hangzhou, Shanghai, Jiaxing and other places to empower the locals and help the China Association for Science and Technology to build the "Science Innovation China" brand of innovation, entrepreneurship, and service creation.


08 Science Popularization and Poverty Alleviation

Poverty alleviation must first help the wisdom, and science serves first. The society jointly launched the "Smart Education Poverty Alleviation and Intelligence" charity action, and donated about 124.4 million "Chinese Composition Teaching and Evaluation Intelligent System" to 36 counties in 7 provinces including Gansu and Guangxi. At the same time, the society held a number of online and offline popular science activities throughout the year.


09 Special Activities

Based on the purpose of serving members, the society integrates high-quality resources and innovates the form of activities. It has organized special activities including AI lecture halls, AI introduction training courses, cutting-edge workshops, and intelligent networked automobile summit forums to provide members with the required and high-quality , precise service items.


10 Selected Projects

The society has successively won the 2020 China Association for Science and Technology Innovation Driven Engineering Demonstration Project, the Chinese Science and Technology Journal Excellence Action Plan, and the high starting point new publication project, and established an AI technology expert service group. A variety of sharing and exchange activities have also been carried out around the “Qingtuo Projects” that have been undertaken.


11 Evaluation

Honor is the best testimony and the greatest encouragement. This year, 13 technical elites were awarded outstanding scientific and technological workers; 14 high-quality projects were awarded outstanding scientific and technological achievements; 14 young talents were awarded the 2020 Excellent Doctoral Dissertation Award and Nomination Award, and 100 achievements were selected for the 10th Wu Wenjun 2020 Artificial Intelligence Science and Technology Award.


12 New Members

In 2020, academician Chen Chun, Academician He Jifeng, Professor Miao Duoqian, Academician Wang Endong, Academician Wang Yaonan, Academician Wushouer Slam, Professor Yu Jian, Professor Zhang Xuegong, and Academician Zhang Yaqin, 9 outstanding scientific and technological workers in the AI field were elected into CAAI Fellow.


13 Journal

Three academic journals directed by the society, including Communications of the Chinese Society for Artificial Intelligence, Journal of Intelligent Systems, and CAAI Transactions on Intelligence Technology, have significantly improved the collection level of papers. The last one was included in the Ei Compendex and Scopus database in October last year, and was included in the ESCI database in October this year. This will greatly expand the international dissemination of this journal.


14 Participate in the activities of the China Association for Science and Technology

The society gives full play to the power of member experts. CAAI Vice Chairman and Party Secretary Academician, Zhao Chunjiang, CAAI Party Committee Member/Chairman of Supervisors, Vice President of Tongji University, Professor Jiang Changjun, CAAI Deputy Secretary-General, Researcher He Qing from the Institute of Computing Technology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, CAAI 7th Vice Chairman, President Hu Yu and others gave wonderful speeches in the cloud classroom of the party committee of science and technology society, the series of publicity activities of the Science and Technology China "Science and Technology Service Group" and the "IMAC Intelligent Manufacturing Cloud Class".


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