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The first day of 2020GAITC saw more than 2.6 million online visits. More than 100 experts from the academia and industry including 15 international academicians will gather in Hangzhou. They will have in-depth discussion on possible breakthroughs in theory, technology and application, as well as innovation, industrial integration and standards concerning AI. 

The digital hub of Hangzhou


A number of senior local officials and scholars present at the opening ceremony, including Mr. Xingfu GAO, Vice Governor of Hangzhou Province; Mr. Xin LIU, Major and Deputy Party Secretary of Hangzhou municipal government; Mr. Zhenfeng ZHANG, Party Secretary of Yuhang District, Hangzhou; Academician Qionghai DAI, Chairman of CAAI, member of CAE, and Dean of  School of Information Science and Technology of Tsinghua University; Academician Deyi LI, honorary chairman of CAAI and member of CAE; Academician Yunhe PAN, professor at Zhejiang University and member of CAE; Academician Yaonan WANG, professor at Hunan University, member of CAE and CAAI supervisor; and Mr. Tianzi JIANG, researcher at Institute of Automation of Chinese Academy of Sciences and foreign academician of The Academy of Europe.


In his opening speech, Academician DAI praised that the city of Hangzhou is a combination of rich history and culture, with modern digital technology and lifestyle.

This time, alongside the mix of tech and culture, we will have the opportunity to witness the brainstorm and foresee the future of AI.

Mr. Zhenfeng ZHANG introduced supporting policies of Yuhang District to promote the development of AI. As part of the municipal goal to become of an international hub of Internet plus AI, Hangzhou has built up an AI town, which was the first in China. So far, the AI town has attracted 17 top research institutes and more than 600 innovative projects across the globe.

The Major expressed high expectation on 2020GAITC. He believes that the conference will be a propeller for Hangzhou’s development.

Hangzhou has a solid foundation of AI technology. As a result, it has established a strong ecosystem for the AI industry.

The Vice Governor expected more innovation and application of AI taking place in Hangzhou.

He said that Hangzhou is willing to take the opportunity of 2020GAITC to strengthen cooperation on research and promote the ecosystem for AI, as well as find new ways for industry-university-research cooperation.

Keynote speeches by academicians


Keynote speakers include Academician Yunhe PAN; Academician Qionghai DAI; Academician Wen GAO, professor from Peking University, member of CAE and cheif of Pengcheng Laboratory; Professor Xiangyang SHEN from Tsinghua University, honorary vice chairman of CAAI, and foreign member of National Academy of Engineering and Royal Academy of Engineering; Professor Yaqing ZHANG from Tsinghua University, foreign member of American Academy of Arts and Sciences; and Mr. Haifeng WANG, Chief Technology Official of Baidu. They shared their latest research and accomplishments.

2020GAITC was presided over by Academician Yaonan WANG and Professor Yueting ZHUANG from Zhejiang University, CAAI Fellow.


Six high-level key-note speeches will cover topics such as latest breakthroughs in cutting-edge technology and new AI applications brought up by “new infrastructure”.  At the same time, they will inspire us to rethink the relationship between AI and society.

Seek Consensus


GAITC always serves as an expo to display the development of intelligent technology and the AI industry. It is also an international platform for communication and cross-field cooperation. Future Sci-tech City of Hangzhou, the host of 2020GAITC, is one of the first national-level models of promoting innovation and entrepreneurship.

It was also the major host of 2019 Innovation and Entrepreneurship Week.

Future Sci-tech City is a bold pioneer of carrying out supporting policies to boost innovation and entrepreneurship. It takes a lead in promoting employment and building up an eco-system for innovation. As a result, it has won a reputation of an attracting hub for innovation and business start-up.

Cross-field Communication


2020GAITC features “global engagement, boundless communication and cross-field cooperation”. It encourages online participant amid the pandemic.

It is the first time for GAITC to apply intelligence cloud technology. During the event, IFLYTEK will provide service of intelligent transcription and subtitling. While Baidu Translation will offer service of AI simultaneous interpreting featuring high quality, low latency and comprehensive scenarios. With the help of those intelligent services, our audience from China and abroad could enjoy a top conference in a convenient, effective and efficient way.

The two-day event consists of six key-note presentations, 20 featured forums and three side-events. 2020GAITC is an inclusive platform for intelligence manufacturing, robotic intelligence, intelligence education, intelligence medication and intelligence security. It focuses on frontier field such as brain science, natural language processing, pattern recognition, and big data. 2020 GAITC is committed to inclusiveness and expertise.

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