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2020 GAITC, held on 25-26 July in Hangzhou, has been a great success, attracting 11.63 million online visits and more than 100 media. 164 AI experts from 13 countries and regions around the globe shared their views on the latest developments of the field and conducted in-depth discussions during the 6 key-note speeches, 20 featured forums and 3 3 simultaneous activities.

The guests, all leading experts across the AI industry, provided insightful comments on the development paths for the next generation of AI from international, visionary, and industrial perspectives. 2020GAITC provided strategic support to intelligent and digital upgrading for governments and enterprises. It also offered solutions to talent development, an ecological system for AI application and ethical construction for China and even the whole world.

The popularity of 2000GAITC clearly manifests the empowering and driving ability of AI for various industries and economic development amid the new “digital infrastructure” construction. The conference provides guidance for the development of AI in the next 5 to 10 years.

Wisdom in Hangzhou

Multinational voices from around the world

2020GAITC blossoms in the digital hub of Hangzhou

when the city is in a critical stage on its way to building an AI highland. Together with international academicians, CAAI organized this big event of technology for Hangzhou, which brought about world-class academic exchanges, presenting new thoughts, new ideas, and new practices.

Interactions among Academicians

Looking into the future.

15 participating academicians came from top science institutions around the globe, including Chinese Academy of Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences, American Academy of Arts and Sciences, National Academy of Engineering (USA), Royal Academy of Engineering, German Academy of Sciences and Engineering, Academia Europaea, Australian Academy of Sciences, Canadian Academy of Engineering, Swiss Academy of Engineering Sciences and Norwegian Academy of Technological Science. Their presentations inspired the audience with their unique perspectives.


Nearly a hundred top scholars, technical experts, entrepreneurs, and industry leaders gathered for the cross-field and cross-regional in-depth exchanges. They shared opinions and achievements on technological innovation and empowering ability of AI, aiming to investigate and analyze the evolution of the intelligence era, as well as provide intellectual support for the development of the intelligence industry.


Broad coverage

2000GAITC has 20 featured forums covering technological, industrial, and social topics, including intelligent robots, brain science, intelligent manufacturing, 5G, pattern recognition, autonomous driving, intelligent medical care, information security and humanistic ethics. It looked into both current challenges and future opportunities of AI and proposed a development path for the industry, thus providing strategic guidelines of AI for governments, research institutions, traditional enterprises and start-ups. 

Internet plus

Face-to-face + live streaming

Besides the usual offline interactions, 2020GAITC was also live streamed on the Internet. Online live streaming was more accessible for AI practitioners, learners and enthusiasts to learn about the latest technology trends and business practices from the conference.

The two-day event attracted 11.63 million online visits.

Wide Media Coverage

A highlight: Expand the audience of Intelligent Technology

National and municipal media closely followed 2020GAITC with a number of reports in various channels.

More than 100 media reported news concerning 2020GAITC, sparking public concern over topics of new infrastructure construction and intelligent manufacturing.

GAITC has always kept abreast with the times since its establishment, with the aim to grasp the trend of innovation. With a forward-looking perspective and open-minded services, GAITC is committed to building a communication platform for the whole industrial chain of AI, expecting to see greater breakthroughs in this filed.

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