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Notice on Soliciting Candidates for "Youth Talent Promotion project" in 2020-2022

Dear CAAI members:

In order to implement the document spirit of the notice of the general office of the China Association for Science and Technology on the Sixth Project Application of the Youth Talent Promotion Project, we actively applied for the "youth talent promotion project" and we finally got the support of China Association for Science and Technology (CAST). In accordance with the relevant requirements of the implementation and management rules of the Youth Talent Promotion Project of CAST, the CAAI now organizes the application and selection of the "Youth Talent Promotion Project" from 2020 to 2022. The relevant matters are hereby notified as follows:

 I. Introduction of "Youth Talent Promotion Project"

In accordance with the requirements of the Opinions of the CAST on the Implementation of the Innovation and Service Improvement Project of the CAAI, the CAST implements the project of "Youth Talent Promotion Project", guiding and supporting the CAAI to explore and innovate the selection mechanism of young scientific and technological talents, training mode and evaluation standard, cultivating a large number of outstanding young scientific and technological talents and building a national reserve team of high-level scientific and technological innovation talents, becoming an important human resource guarantee for building an innovative country and realizing the Chinese dream.

This project is initiated by the CAST, which supports the specific implementation of the national associations or association consortium of CAST. The implementation work is mainly divided into declaration, evaluation, implementation, inspection and acceptance stages. We will vigorously support young scientific and technological talents under the age of 32 who have great innovation ability and development potential by means of awards and stable support instead of subsidies. We will provide stable support for every young scientific and technological talent for three years, focusing on supporting independent research topics and designs, participating in high-level international academic exchanges, and working in influential international non-governmental science and technology organizations.  We aim to help them make outstanding achievements in the golden age of creativity, strive to grow into academic and technological leaders with excellent moral character, outstanding professional ability, strong sense of social responsibility, comprehensive quality, and international vision, and also become an important reserve force for high-level leading talents and high-level innovation teams.

According to the unified work plan of CAST, the CAAI is now carrying out the application and selection work for the members of the society, adopting the methods of "self-recommendation" and "recommendation". We will select the best among the qualified members to determine the final candidate.

II. Declaration Requirments

(1)You should be individual member of CAAI, pay dues on time, and actively participate in the activities of CAAI;

(2)You should be under 32 years old (born after June 30, 1988);

(3)You should be young scientific and technological workers who devote themselves to the research and innovation of key common technologies, cutting-edge leading technologies, modern engineering technologies, disruptive technologies and "neck sticking" technologies in the field of artificial intelligence; or young scientific and technological workers actively engaged in the prevention and control of the epidemic situation, the decisive battle against poverty and other major national strategic plans; or young scientific and technological workers who have made positive contributions to the integration of science, technology and economy; or young scientific and technological workers who have made outstanding achievements in domestic academic research and published high-level research results in domestic journals

(4)You should be a candidate of the post doctoral innovative talents support program of the Ministry of human resources and social security, the entrepreneurship support program for returned overseas students, and other national talent programs.

III. Supporting

The young talents who are finally selected and submitted to CAST will receive a special subsidy of 150000 yuan per year to support independent research topic selection, design and implementation, participate in high-level international academic exchanges, and work in influential international non-governmental science and technology organizations. They will be assessed every year, and those who pass the assessment will be subsidized for three consecutive years.

 IV. Selection procedure

(1) Declaration: the applicants shall submit the electronic self-recommendation form to the Secretariat of the CAAI.

(3) Evaluation: after collecting the application materials, the Secretariat organizes experts to evaluate and determine the list of candidates.

(3) Implementation: carry out the project implementation and management according to the Measures for Project Management of Youth Talent Promotion Project (Trial Implementation) issued by CAST.


V. Declaration matters

Please download and fill in the Self-recommendation Form of “Youth Talent Promotion Project" of CAAI, and submit it to the Secretariat by e-mail before January 8, 2021( msc@caai.cn ). If it is overdue, it will not be accepted.


VI. Contact us

Please contact:Mr. Zou, Mr. Yu


Mobile phone: 13121123883 13811484695


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