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Notice of the 8th National College Students Digital Media Technology Works and Creativity Competition in 2020

Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era and the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China require colleges and universities to be the new forces in China's cultural and creative industries. Therefore, we should enhance the innovation ability and creativity of college students, and lead the universities, disciplines and specialties to serve the life and industry development of intelligent science and technology in our country to achieve innovative development and creative transformation. Only in this way can we constantly create rich spiritual wealth to meet the People's new expectations and needs for a better life. Having successfully held seven digital Media Technology Works and Creative Contests for College Students in succession, CAAI will continue to hold the 8th National Digital Media Technology Works and Creative Contests for College Students in 2020.


The competition strives to further stimulate the creative, innovative and entrepreneurial vitality of college students. Through competitions and academic seminars, it will extensively cultivate talents and projects with growth potential in the field of cultural creativity in intelligent technology services. In addition, this competition focuses on creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship, and it aims to pool financial capital and social resources to build an open intelligent service platform for the integration and development of science, technology and culture. It also provides an on-site display platform for participating projects.


Purpose of the Competition

Science and Technology Wedded Creative Thoughts Transform the Era and Build the Future

The purpose of this competition is to carry forward China's excellent national culture, accelerate the coordinated development of talents training and social development demand in China's colleges and universities, promote the connotation construction of relevant majors in colleges and universities, improve the teaching level of professional teachers, and enhance students' learning enthusiasm and teamwork consciousness.Therefore, we need to build a cooperation platform between universities and enterprises, government, universities and research institutes to help Chinese college students inherit excellent traditional culture in the new era and make innovations based on traditional culture. In doing so, students would make greater contributions to the healthy development of the country and the people's better life.


Organizational Structure





Shanghai University

Beijing Forestry University



CAAI Science Popularization Working Committee

CAAI Intelligent Media Committee

CAAI Working Committee for Women Scientists



All kinds of students in ordinary colleges and universities (including higher vocational colleges) approved by the Ministry of Education, regardless of major, can register for the competition.


Participating teams

The competition is in the form of team participation. Each participating team shall have no more than 5 students, and 1 or 2 team leaders composed of instructors or graduate students. We encourage students to team up with others from different majors and schools, but prizes will be awarded based on the same criteria.



The teams can choose the theme of their work, which must be closely related to "intelligent technology" and "digital creativity". The panel will review the works and have the right to request the team to change the theme of their work that does not meet the requirements, or to disqualify them. The contest does not accept any theme that is in violation of the laws and regulations of the state.


The theme must be centered on "Intelligence changes Life", "Creativity Improves Quality" and "Combating Epidemic by Smart Technology ". Types of participating works include, but are not limited to:

√ Virtual reality and games;

√ Mobile application development;

√ Electronic book design;

√ Film and animation design;

√ Industrial design;

√ Architecture and indoor and outdoor performance;

√Digital art performance;

√ Data visualization;

√ Others.


In order to have more college students get more training opportunities, in principle, this competition requires: no more than 2 works submitted by each participating team; the content of the works must comply with Annex 1 "The 8th National College Student Digital Media in 2020 Entry Guide for Technological Works and Creative Competitions



The competition is divided into two stages: the preliminary competition and the national finals. Among them: the preliminary stage is mainly based on the introduction of the works and the competition registration form submitted by students online as well as the online evaluation by the preliminary evaluation experts; the national finals is a combination of online defense, application and display of the students. The schedule is as follows:



The schedule and activity arrangement are the preliminary schedule, and the specific time is subject to the latest notice on the official website of the competition.



Before September 20, 2020, all participating teams are asked to visit the official website of the competition (mit.caai.cn) to complete online registration. (Once the list of participants in the application form is confirmed, it can not be modified. Please pay special attention to it!)


Work requirements

The content of the competition team should be designed and developed by the participants independently. It is strictly forbidden to plagiarize. In case of plagiarism and other behaviors, the team will be disqualified and the relevant instructors and universities will be held responsible.


Competition evaluation method

Preliminary competition: expert online evaluation and offline evaluation. The Organizing Committee of the competition will make a comprehensive evaluation from the following aspects: science and technology, creativity and performance of the works according to the experts in relevant fields of the entry direction reported by the participating teams, and decide whether the entries will be shortlisted in the national finals.


National Finals: online defense and offline evaluation. All entries for the national finals must have at least one member participate in the roadshow and display of the entries; otherwise, they will be disqualified. The details of online defense shall be subject to the notice on the official website of the competition.


Competition process

1. Announcement of competition notice (August 6, 2020)

The competition notice is released through the official website and other media publicity channels.


2. Registration and submission of entries (before September 20, 2020)

1) Each team will appoint a instructor or student leader as the contact person of the competition;

2) The participating teams should sign in the official website of the competition (mit.caai.cn) to complete online registration;

3) The participating teams submit the application form of participating teams, screenshots of works, video files through the designated email address (dmt_competition@vip.163.com).

(Note: the file format is required to be *. MP4, the file size is less than 10M. If the file size is more than 10M, Baidu Cloud Disk is required to provide a complete link for permanent sharing).


3. Preliminary review (September 21-25, 2020)

The experts of the preliminary competition group will conduct online evaluation on all the entries in groups, and broadcast the evaluation results live.


4. Announce the shortlist for the national finals (September 26-27, 2020)

This competition publicizes its shortlisted teams in various ways.


5. Improve the works for the finals (September 28 - October 22, 2020)

If the team is shortlisted in the national finals, they can continue to revise and improve their entries.


6. National Finals (October 23-25, 2020)

At least one team member must be designated to participate in the defense of the national finals, otherwise, the team will be disqualified. The specific content shall be subject to the notice of the final national finals.


Award setting

According to the category of the entries, the competition is divided into the first prize, the second prize, the third prize and the excellent organization award. For the specific award setting and proportion, please refer to Appendix 1: Guide to the 8th National College Students' Digital Media Scientific and Technological Works and Creativity Competition in 2020.


Competition contact information

1. Competition specific QQ group (group number: 594690076)


2. Competition Secretariat email: dmt_ competition@vip.163.com

3. Official website: mit.caai.cn


Chinese Association for Artificial Intelligence

The Organizing Committee of the 8th National College Students' Digital Media Scientific and Technological Works and Creativity Competition in 2020



Attachment 1. Guide to the 8th National College Students' digital media scientific and technological works and creative competition in 2020.pdf

Attachment 2. Application form of the 8th National College Students' Digital Media Scientific and Technological Works and Creative Competition in 2020.doc

Attachment 3. Scoring criteria and award setting of the 8th National College Students' Digital Media Scientific and Technological Works and Creativity Competition in 2020.pdf


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