• 2021-02-26 Friday

Recently,International Rough Set Society(IRSS)announced the results of the general   election (biennially) launched in 2018. Miao Chaoqian, executive director of   Chinese Association for Artificial Intelligence (CAAI), chairman of Special   Committee on Granular Computing and Knowledge Discovery, Professor of Tongji   University, was elected vice chairman of IRSS; Li Tianrui, standing member of   the special committee, Professor of Southwest Jiaotong University, was   elected chairman of the steering committee of IRSS.



Prof. Miao Chongqian

In the last IRSS Executive Committee, Professor Yiyu Yao (a Chinese scholar) of Regina University in Canada served as the chairman   of IRSS. Professor Wang Guoyin, vice chairman of CAAI, served as chairman of   IRSS Steering Committee. Professor Miao chongqian of Tongji University served   as the chairman of IRSS Advisory Board. Many scholars of the special   committee are IRSS fellow and senior members.



Chinese Association for Artificial Intelligence

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