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Holding the idea of paying attention to the growth of young talents and accelerating industrial collaborative innovation, 2020 AI Elite Innovation Forum and Youth Promotion Academic Salon of Collaborative Innovation was successfully closed in Xi'an on December 19, under the guidance of the training and talent service center of China Association for science and technology, sponsored by Chinese Association for Artificial Intelligence (CAAI), jointly organized by Xi'an National Civil Aerospace Industry Base Management Committee, Youth Work Committee of China artificial intelligence society, Artificial Intelligence Special committee of Shaanxi Innovation Driven Community, and Institute of Computational Intelligence of Xi'an University of Electronic Science and Technology, and co-sponsored by Jingdong Zhilian Cloud, with more than 820000 online and offline participants.


It is a cross level, interdisciplinary and cross regional academic exchange conference, and also a high-level stage for young scientists to show their talents and collide with their ideas. There are three major parts, namely, the AI elite innovation forum, Youth Promotion Academic Salon of Collaborative Innovation, and the AI "Collaborative Innovation" Round Table Forum. Focusing on the theoretical innovation, technological breakthrough and industry landing of artificial intelligence, the experts jointly explored the collaborative innovation mechanism at all ends of the "government, enterprise and research " ecosystem of intelligent technology in the exchange.

Professor Gong Maoguo, director of CAAI Youth Work Committee, and Associate Professor Wu Yue, Secretary General of CAAI Youth Work Committee, presided over the forum in the afternoon.


Reviewing technology trend

At the forum held in the morning, Professor Shi Guangming, vice president of Xi'an University of Electronic Science and Technology, Professor Liu Hong, vice president of CAAI, Professor Wang Zhen, vice president of Science and Technology Research Institute of Northwest University of Technology, and Mr Hu Xiaobo, chairman / CEO of Radisson Intelligence, made special invited presentations to see the trend of AI technology from a forward-looking perspective, and provided guidance for online and offline audiences. There was a feast of ideas. Jiang Yang, member of the Party Working Committee and deputy director of the Management Committee of Xi'an space base, Cao Zhe, director of the innovation promotion bureau of Xi'an space base, Hao Jingyi, deputy director of the investment cooperation committee of Xi'an space base, and Xie Yaguang, director of Jingdong Zhilian cloud Xi'an base, attended the forum

Promoting academic integration

In the afternoon, six young scholars boarded the academic report platform of China Association for Science and Technology (CAST), bringing the latest academic achievements, showing the strong vitality and stamina of China's young team of artificial intelligence.

Secretary General of CAAI Intelligent Driving Professional Committee Zhang Tianlei, Professor Gu Yun of Beijing University of Technology, Associate Professor Zhang Lijun of Department of Computer Science and Technology of Nanjing University, Professor Gong Chen of School of Computer Science and Engineering of Nanjing University of Science and Technology, Associate Professor Liu Hao of School of Information Engineering of Ningxia University, Associate Professor Shen Wei of School of Computer Science of Nankai University, the six outstanding young talents supported by CAST were invited to bring a keynote speech.


With the goal of academic leading technological innovation, outstanding young scientists from many universities and fields collided with sparks of ideas in sharing, promoting academic exchange and integration and contributing to the growth of young talents and academic research.

Exploring integration mode

At the final Round Table Forum, Mr. Zhang Tianlei, Professor Gu Ke, Associate Professor Zhang Lijun, Professor Gong Chen, Associate Professor Liu Hao, Associate Professor Shen Wei and other representatives from various fields had a dialogue from the perspectives of theoretical breakthrough, technological innovation, industry application, case analysis, policy guidance, etc., to explore new models and new schemes of industry university research enterprise collaborative innovation, and provide reference for AI, giving suggestions for the technological upgrading and transformation of traditional industries.


With the end of the forum, innovation forces from universities, institutions, enterprises and governments have reached consensus and formed joint forces during the exchanges and dialogues. This activity not only provides accurate and professional service support for AI young talents, but also builds a platform for excellent scholars to exchange and display.

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