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In order to thoroughly implement the spirit of the important speech of general secretary Xi Jinping at the forum of scientists and the important instructions for answering letters from the representatives of science and technology workers, to assist in the construction of "science and technology innovation China", in accordance with the spirit of the notice of the general office of the Chinese Association for Science and Technology (CAST) on carrying out the list of leading technologies of "science and technology innovation China" in 2020 (No. 123 of the science and Technology Association of China), Chinese Association for Artificial Intelligence (CAAI) is carrying out the recommendation work of the "science and technology innovation China" pilot technology list in 2020.

1. Purpose and significance

The Chinese Association for science and technology (CAST) plans to set up a list of "science and technology innovation in China", to optimize a number of leading figures, a number of cutting-edge enterprises, a number of industry university financing organizations, and a number of leading technologies, to guide the exploration of new business forms, new organizations and new models of technological services and transactions, and activate the driving force of cooperation led by innovation. The three lists of "science and technology innovation China" leading figures, cutting-edge enterprises and industry university financing organizations are planned to be produced by expert nomination combined with evaluation, and the list of leading technologies is to be produced by combining recommendation with evaluation.


2. List setting

According to the principle of "facing the world's science and technology frontier, facing the main economic battlefield, facing the major needs of the country, and facing the people's life and health", five fields, including electronic information, biomedicine, equipment manufacturing, advanced materials, resources and environment, were selected to represent the frontier level of the field, which achieved major breakthroughs in industrial demand, had visible business models, and had huge commercial potential 100 technological achievements with industry leading significance will released.

3. Eligibility

(1) Basic requirements

1. The technology has reached a certain maturity and passed the early verification.

2. The potential industrial value is huge.

3. Having the technical transformation conditions.

(2) Reference standard

The feasibility, advanced nature, originality, irreplaceable, technological maturity and market prospect of technological achievements are considered.


4. Recommendation procedure

(1) Recommendation stage (October November 2020)

All relevant units shall, according to the relevance, organize the recommendation of leading technologies in the five fields of electronic information, biomedicine, equipment manufacturing, advanced materials and resources and environment, and recommend the leading technologies in this field to CAAI before November 15, 2020, and submit the paper-based recommendation materials. We recommend no more than 2 items in each field.

(2) Preliminary evaluation stage (late November 2020)

CAAI will submit the recommended materials to the association of societies in the corresponding field, and the consortium shall organize relevant experts to carry out the preliminary evaluation of the leading technologies in this field, and submit the preliminary evaluation results in this field to the academic department of (CAST) of China.

(3) Final stage (mid December 2020)

CAST will organize the final review of the list of leading technologies, and the list of leading technologies was determined after comprehensive evaluation.

(4) Release stage of the list (end of December 2020)

CAST will hold key publicity activities such as the release of the "Science and Technology Innovation China" list, and expanded the influence of the list through TV stations, websites, and new media publicity platforms.

5. Contact us

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