• 2021-02-26 Friday

CAAI, the only national society of Intelligent science and technology, officially released its 2019 Membership Supplemental List. Professor Xiangyang SHEN and Fuchun SUN of Tsinghua University, prfessor Huadong MA of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, professor Qin ZHANG of Tsinghua University and other outstanding scientific and technical workers in the field of AI and AI industry leaders won the membership.

This is also the addition of 11 fellows after the 10 fellows elected by the CAAI in 2018.

In addition to the first batch of 53 fellows including 22 academicians in 2017, the total number of fellows of the CAAI is 74.

In order to recognize the outstanding achievements in the field of artificial intelligence and to make outstanding contributions to the society, to encourage the members to continue to climb the scientific and technological heights, the Chinese artificial intelligence society ad hoc membership evaluation system.

As the highest academic honor awarded to its members,CAAI has been upholding the principles of fairness, impartiality and openness since its first selection in 2017, and its members' outstanding achievements in scientific research, technology development, industry promotion and other aspects of artificial intelligence as well as their outstanding contributions to the CAAI have been taken as the evaluation criteria.

In the future, CAAI will seize the development opportunities, comply with the practical requirements, and further lead scientific and technological workers to be the first in the innovation of building a scientific and technological power. Meanwhile, it will stimulate the professional enthusiasm, professional potential and creativity of scientific and technological talents, so as to serve the country, the industry and the people with more outstanding wisdom and ability.


Chinese Association for Artificial Intelligence

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