• 2021-04-21 Wednesday

Tiejun HUANG, National Distinguished Scholar, Changjiang Scholar of Ministry of Education, excellent scientific and technological innovator of Ten Thousand Talent Program, is going to give a lecture.

Prevention and control of the epidemic should not be relaxed, while learning should not be interrupted. In this special period, Chinese Association for Artificial Intelligence (CAAI) explores the a new mode for academic exchange. With the help of AI+Academy and AI+Technology, CAAI provides knowledge of intelligence science and technology through screens. CAAI also held a series of activities including CAAI Cloud Classroom for CAAI members and AI practitioners. With the support of Green Platform of China Association of Science and Technology (CAST), we will give you free and high-quality knowledge services in the form of high-quality courses of cutting-edge technologies. Cloud Classroom, Closer Interaction!

No. 1

Organization Structure

Sponsor: Chinese Association for Artificial Intelligence

Co-organizer: Green Platform (innovation resource sharing platform)

CAAI Member Services Working Committee

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Lecturer 11

Tiejun HUANG

President of Beijing Academy of Artificial Intelligence (BAAI), Professor of Peking University, CAAI Fellow

Tiejun HUANG, Professor of School of Electronics Engineering and Computer Science Peking University, CAAI Fellow, President of BAAI, and Secretary-General of New Generation Technological Innovation Strategic Alliance of AI Industry. He focuses on visual information processing and brain-like computing. HUANG also gained three Second Prizes of National Technological Invention/Scientific and Technological Progress Award as National Distinguished Scholar, Distinguished Professor of Ministry of Education Changjiang Scholars and excellent scientific and technological innovator of Ten Thousand Talent Program.

No. 3

Brilliant Course

In the live course, HUANG will lecture on Vidar 2020 – A New Chapter of Vision.

Course summary: Image and video are seemingly abstract but actual legacy of industry. Vidar is a new model to substitute image and video. The vidar chip uses a pulse stream of 40,000 Hz to represent visual information, which can reconstruct the picture at any time. Our high-speed target detection and tracking recognition model based on pulse neural network can ‘see’ clearly the text of rapidly rotating blades, which is a thousand times stronger than human vision

No. 4

Course Information

1. Live Broadcast: 19:00-20:30, May 11

2. Scan the QR code to join the WeChat group


If you cannot join the group, you can add the QR code of life assistant. Please note ‘watch cloud class’ when adding.


3.Lecture: 19:00-20:00

After-class Communication20:00-20:30

You can exchange ideas on-line with lecturers in ‘Q&A’ part.

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1. If affected by network problem or severe latency, you can refresh and reenter the website.

2.A satisfying lecture requires every attender keep quiet.

3. Take a look at the preview before watching, so as to enhance interaction in class.

4. CAAI Cloud Classroom is open free to the public, and charges in any form is strictly prohibited. No organization can reprint in the name of charge.

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