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Notice on the Issuance of the Measures for the Review of Periodicals under the Supervision of China Association for Science and Technology (trial)

Secretariats (offices) of national associations and relevant publishing units:

In order to improve periodical quality and publishing, measures for journal review by China Association for Science and Technology (trial) are hereby issued. Please strengthen self-inspection in accordance with the requirements.

Academic Department of Chinese Association of Science and Technology

April 14,2020

Measures for the Examination of Journals by the China Association for Science and Technology


Chapter 1 General

Article 1

In order to strengthen the management to the journals, and urge the organizers and publishers to faithfully observe the laws and regulations, national policies and industry standards, the China Association for Science and Technology(CAST) formulated following measures on the basis of the Regulations on the Administration of Publication, the Provisions on the Administration of Periodical Publication,  Interim Measures for the Examination and Reading of Newspapers and Periodicals and Trial Measures for the Assessment of Social Benefits of Newspapers and Periodicals Publishing Units to improve journal quality.


Article 2

The CAST shall under the guidance of Marxism–Leninism, Maoism, Deng Xiaoping Theory, Three Represents, Scientific Outlook on Development, and Xi Jinping Thought on socialism with Chinese characteristics for a new era, adhering to the leadership of the Party, correct direction of public opinion and publication, and putting social benefits first. Through urging the sponsoring and publishing units of periodicals to strictly abide by the relevant laws and regulations, the CAST strives to spread the core socialist values, to disseminate and accumulate scientific, technological and cultural knowledge conducive to improving the quality of the nation, economic development and social progress, carrying forward the fine culture of the Chinese nation and enriching the spiritual and cultural life of the people. Efforts are made to promote social, economic, political, cultural and ecological civilization.


Article 3

All periodicals that are included in the scope of review must be approved by the department of press and publication of the state, hold the national unified publication number, get the periodical publishing license and under the supervision of the CAST.


Chapter Two


Article 4.

Review Content

1. Whether it publishes the Regulations on the Administration of Publications and other laws, regulations and prohibitions stipulated by the state.

2. Whether the news reports adhere to the principles of truth, comprehensiveness, objectivity and impartiality, and whether they publish false and untrue reports; Whether the publication or summary of the contents concerning the state's major policies, military affairs, nationality, religion, diplomacy and confidentiality complies with the relevant provisions.

3. When publishing contents concerning major revolution and major historical topics, whether it has carried out the procedures for filing major topics and gone through the relevant examination and approval formalities according to the relevant provisions;

4. when covering major, sensitive and unexpected events such as disaster epidemic situation, traffic accidents, work safety, criminal cases and social stability, whether it complies with relevant regulations.

5. Whether it contains articles that are contrary to the socialist morals and customs, or harmful contents such as pornography, murder, violence, superstition and ignorance.

6. When reprinting and editing of social articles and Internet information, whether it complies with the relevant provisions, or verifies its contents in accordance with the provisions; whether it indicates the web site of the downloading document and the date of downloading or reused the contents of internal publications.

7. Whether advertisements are published in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations of the state; whether they contain false, illegal and vulgar advertisements or mark the word "advertisement" in the obvious place; whether they publish advertisements in the form of news report in violation of the regulations.


8. Whether the version records marked by the journal meet the regulations, and whether the contents of the special edition, special edition, and supplementary publication are consistent with the purpose and business scope of the journal.

9. Whether the publication quality meets the relevant requirements of journal quality management, and whether the publication form meets the relevant requirements of journal publication form specification.

10. Whether the quality of publication conforms to the current national and industrial standards, and whether the use of language and writing conforms to the national common language and writing law.

Article 5

Academic journals and non-academic journals shall be reviewed by classification.

The key tasks of reviewing academic journals are: whether they conform to the purpose and ethical standards of running journals, pay attention to the content and quality of articles, reflect the development level and trend of the discipline and specialty in a timely and accurate manner, report major scientific research achievements, and promote the popularization and application of science and technology.

The key tasks for the review of non-academic journals are: whether they integrate closely with the industry reality,reflect the differentiation and specialization, play a guiding role in the development of the industry, or serve the economic and social development.

Chapter Three

Organization and Review Methods

Article 6

The academic department of the China Association for Science and Technology shall be responsible for the organization and implementation of the examination, and shall employ a team of qualified experts to undertake the examination.

Article 7

According to the needs of periodical management, review work shall be carried out by means of annual centralized review, thematic review and directional review.

Article 8

By means of sampling, a number of consecutive page Numbers in the body of a sample periodical as well as cover 1, cover 2, cover 3, cover 4, spine, title page, copyright page, advertisement page and insert page shall be selected for intensive reading and other contents shall be extensively read.

Article 9

The standards for examination and readjustment shall include the standards for content quality, the standards for editing and proofreading quality, the standards for printing quality and the standards for publishing form quality.

Each item consists several detailed requirements, and each requirement is graded according to "excellent", "qualified" and "unqualified".

Article 10

China Association for Science and Technology shall adjust the scope of periodicals according to the results of previous review and evaluation.

In principle, journals evaluated as "excellent" in the previous year should be exempted from inspection, and those evaluated as "qualified" for two consecutive years should be examined at least 50% of the time.

The other periodicals are all within the scope of review in the current year.

Subject review journals will be arranged separately.

Article 11

The principle of seeking truth from facts shall be adhered to and the conclusion of the review shall be accurate, objective and fair.

For journals with many problems or major problems, experts shall conduct review, and special review or review analysis shall be organized when necessary.

Chapter Four Review  Team

Article 12

The academic department of the China Association for Science and Technology shall, according to the needs of review work, establish a database of review experts by discipline, and select experts from the database to form a review team according to the specific conditions of each periodical to be reviewed.

Article 13

A withdrawal system shall be adopted in the review. The review experts shall not review the periodicals sponsored or published by their own units, as well as the periodicals in which they and their relatives hold posts.

Article 14

Basic Requirements for Review Experts

1. With a high level of marxist theoretical accomplishment,  review experts must be aggressive and responsible, be familiar with the principles and policies of publishing work, relevant laws and regulations and national standards, and be excel in the editing and publishing of periodicals.

2. Review experts must be experienced in journal editing and publishing, and have professional and technical titles such as deputy editor (or other professional associate senior titles) and above.

3.  Review experts must strictly abide by the confidentiality rules and shall not disclose the result of review without authorization.

Article 15

The China Association for Science and Technology shall adjust the review team according to the needs of review and performance of review experts. Any expert who fails to comply with the requirements or who is not responsible shall be removed from the database in a timely manner and shall no longer be employed.

Chapter Five Application of the Reading Results

Article 16

The result of review shall be regarded as an important basis for the periodical management of China Association for Science and Technology, and shall be included in the comprehensive ability evaluation system of national academies.

The sponsor and publisher of the periodical whose result is "unqualified" shall be dealt with properly.

Article 17

The host units of periodicals should include the results of periodical review into the social benefit evaluation and assessment of the publishing units, urge the publishing units to improve the quality management system, strengthen the self-inspection and self-inspection, and rectify the unqualified periodicals in time so as to improve the publishing quality.

Article 18.

The academic department of the China Association for Science and Technology will feed back the results to the sponsor and publisher of the journal.

In case of any objection to the result of review, the sponsor and publisher of the periodical shall, within seven working days after receiving the feedback, submit their opinions and request of the review.

The academic department of the China Association for Science and Technology organizes relevant examiners to re-examine their arguments. If there is any dispute, another batch of examiners will be selected for a second reading and the final decision will be made based on the opinions of the two batches of examiners.

Chapter Six Supplementary Provisions

Article 19

The academic department of the China Association for Science and Technology has the final say of these measures.

Article 20

These measures shall be put into effect as of April 15, 2020.

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