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"Search intention understanding and user click model"

The prevention and control of the epidemic should not be neglected, and learning should not be interrupted. In this special period, CAAI actively explored the innovation mode of academic exchanges, built a bridge connecting the knowledge of intelligent science and technology with the screen around AI + academic and AI + technology, and set up a series of activities such as CAAI cloud classroom for members of CAAI and AI practitioners. With the support of QYKX of CAST, CAAI provided free and high-quality knowledge services through cutting-edge and high-quality courses. Let's start cloud interaction and face to face with the lecturer!


Organizational Structure

Sponsor: Chinese Association for Artificial Intelligence (CAAI)

Co-organizer: QYKX (innovation resource sharing platform)

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CAAI Member Services Working Committee

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Ma Shaoping

CAAI fellow, vice chairman of CAAI, executive vice president and professor of "Tiangong" Intelligent Computing Research Institute, Tsinghua University


Professor and doctoral supervisor of Computer Department of Tsinghua University, executive vice president of Tiangong Intelligent Computing Research Institute, director of Intelligent Information Acquisition Research Center of Artificial Intelligence Research Institute, academician and Deputy Supervisor of CAAI, and vice director of China Information Processing Society of China, mainly engaged in the research of intelligent information processing.


Brilliant Course

The theme of this live course of Professor Ma Shaoping is "Search intention understanding and user click model".

Course Abstract: Understanding of search intention is a significant issue in search engine research. Because the query words are often shorter, which increases the difficulty of intention understanding. The search behavior of users, often contains some semantic information behind it because of its purpose. This report will introduce how to effectively utilize the search behavior of users and build an effective user click model to improve the performance of search engines.


Into the classroom

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