• 2021-06-16 Wednesday

At present, the epidemic prevention and control has entered a more complex and critical period. CAST and the national associations of China have made the following suggestions to the national scientific and technological workers to further implement the spirit of a series of important instructions of general secretary Xi Jinping, and further consolidate the strength of scientific and technological workers to battle against the epidemic.

1、 Unite as one and serve the front line. Take the initiative, make a rational voice, work together and act scientifically to provide professional support for the fight against the epidemic. Provide warm care and strong assistance to the front-line scientific and technological workers and help them to defend the rear and do a good job in security. Using 5G, artificial intelligence and other new technologies to support the front line to carry out big data analysis, remote consultation, online consultation, etc. Unblock the channels for scientific and technological workers to contact with each other, timely reflect the voice of the front line of prevention and control, and effectively solve the practical difficulties of scientific and technological workers. Actively protect and support the scientific and technological workers.

2、Work together and serve the decisions. Encourage scientific and technological workers to strengthen scientific research, coordinate front and rear, vigorously cooperate, apply research results to the front of anti-epidemic timely, and write papers on the front line of anti-epidemic. Provide technical support for enterprises to resume production and support epidemic resistance. In combination with the latest research progress and breakthroughs, strengthen information sharing, gather the wisdom of professional peers at home and abroad, organize comprehensive multidisciplinary research and judgment, and provide academic basis and intellectual support for scientific decision-making of government departments.

3、Popularize science and serve the society. We should advocate scientific methods, popularize epidemic prevention knowledge, firmly grasp the key to stop the spread of the epidemic, do a good job in the work of key groups and regions to solve doubts, and promote the masses to understand science, believe in science and rely on science. We should make full use of the Internet platforms such as China Science Communication to provide authoritative popular science content, use various media and methods to carry out targeted scientific disinformation, spread positive energy, guide the public to spread true knowledge, and strengthen the whole society's confidence of anti-epidemic. The scientific and technological community has actively carried out psychological counseling and counseling services to stabilize people and reduce social anxiety, panic and disorder. Mobilize societies, scientific research institutions and universities to develop and disseminate online education courses so as to provide more abundant learning resources for primary and secondary school students.

4、Decentralize resources and serve the people at the basic level. Comprehensively implement joint prevention and control measures, and make practical contributions to building a tight line of defense for mass prevention and control. To strengthen the hub function, open contacts and build a platform, the national society should take the lead in demonstration, drive the societies at all levels to unite the majority of science and technology workers, organize a batch of free clinics and psychological consultation, launch a batch of online courses, integrate a batch of development suggestions, and provide voluntary services for the grassroots masses and communities in various forms. Set up a science and technology volunteer service team according to local conditions, provide services to the masses as much as possible under the leadership of the local Party committee and government, and make a contribution to the construction of a rational, mutual and warm social environment.

5、 Strengthen the fortress and serve the masses. Bear in mind the original mission, all for the people, all rely on the people, in the war to temper the party spirit, test cadres. Adhere to the guidance of Party building, give full play to the role of the party as a battleground, rely on and effectively organize scientific and technological workers, strengthen the sense of service, provide effective services, avoid formalism and reduce the burden on the grassroots. Timely discover and publicize the advanced typical and moving deeds of scientific and technological workers in the struggle of prevention and control, and gather positive energy to overcome the difficulties.

It is the duty of research to serve the country and the glory of learning to serve the people. " It is a great challenge and responsibility for us to prevent and stop the large-scale epidemic of the 2019-nCoV. Together with the people of the country, under the strong leadership of the Party Central Committee, we will vigorously carry forward the spirit of scientific and technological volunteer service, unite as one, go all out, overcome difficulties, and win the final victory of the prevention and control of the epidemic.


The first National Institutes of joint initiatives (in no particular order):

Chinese Mathematical Society,Chinese Physical Society,Chinese Chemical Society, Chinese Astronomical Society, Chinese Society of Space Reseach, The Geographical Society of China, China Zoological Society, Chinese Society for Microbiology, The Chinese Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Chinese Society for Cell Biology, Biophysical Society of China, Chinese Psychological Society, China Wildlife Conservation Association, Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society, China Electrotechnical Society, Chinese Association of Refrigeration,Chinese Association of Automation, Chinese Institute of Electronics, China Computer Federation, China Institute of Communications, Chinese Society Of Aeronautics And Astronautics, China Ordnance Society, Chinese Nuclear Society,Chinese Association for Artificial Intelligence,Chinese Institute of Command and Control, China Association of

Agricultural Science Societies, Chinese Medical Association, China Association of Chinese Medicine, Chinese Association of Integrative Medicine, Chinese Pharmaceutical Association, Chinese Nursing Association, Chinese Association for Physiological Sciences, Chinese Society of Biomedical Engineering, Chinese Association of Pathophysiology, Chinese Nutrition Society, China Association for Acupuncture and Moxibustion, Chinese Antituberculosis Association, China Association for Mental Health, Chinese Anti-Cancer Association, China Sport Science Society, Chinese Association of Rehabilitation Medicine, Chinese Society for Immunology,Chinese Preventive Medicine Association, Chinese Stomatological Association, China Association for Disaster & Emergency Rescue Medicine, Chinese Research Hospital Association,China Rural Special Technology Association, China Association of Senior Scientists and Technologists, Urban Planning Society of China, China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation.

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