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Article 1 Purpose

The Chinese Association of Artificial Intelligence (CAAI) set up a fellowship system to encourage members of the Institute to continuously climb the peak of science and technology. It is used to recognize senior members who have achieved outstanding achievements in the field of artificial intelligence, or who care about and make significant contributions to the Institute. Being selected as CAAI Fellow is the highest academic honor in CAAI.

In order to start this work, in 2017, CAAI carried out the confirmation of natural recognition of fellows and set up the first fellows assessment committee to prepare for the regular membership assessment in the future.

Article 2 Naturally Recognized Fellows

A member of the CAAI who meets the following conditions will be naturally recognized as a CAAI fellow with his or her own consent:

1. He or she should be Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering

2. He or she should be winners of the previous Wu Wenjun Artificial Intelligence Science and Technology Awards

3. He or she should be current or successive directors or vice-chairmen of the CAAI

4. IEEE \ ACM \ AAAI Fellow in the field of artificial intelligence

Article 3. Expert Committee for the First Session

1. The CAAI has established the first Committee of Experts for the Evaluation of Fellows (hereinafter refer to as the Committee), which is mainly responsible for the evaluation of members of the CAAI.

2. The first batch of members of the Committee consists of more than 10 members who are naturally recognized and agree to undertake the assessment of fellows.

3. The term of the Committee is from March 15, 2017 to the end of the current term of the CAAI.

4. Located in the secretariat of the CAAI, office of the judges committee is responsible for daily work.

Article 4 Qualifications for Candidates

Fellow candidates must meet the following conditions:

1. Make outstanding domestic achievements and innovative contributions in scientific research and technology development in the field of artificial intelligence.

2. The scientific research results have played a leading role in the artificial intelligence-related industries, or the papers published in high-level journals or conferences have had a wide range of academic impact internationally.

3. The candidates should be members of the CAAI, have a membership of more than 5 years (not limited to those who have made outstanding contributions to the CAAI), have been supportive to work of the CAAI, and have made outstanding contributions to help the CAAI grow better.

Article 5 Nomination of Fellows

1. Except for fellows who are naturally recognized, the selection of fellows is based on a nomination system. Fellow candidates must be nominated by someone other than the nominee. Each fellow candidate must be nominated by two nominees.

2. Fellows of the CAAI must be valid nominees. Each nominee can nominate more than two candidates for fellowship each year as a nominee. All fellows identified naturally at the start of this work are valid nominees.

3. Fellow nominees must complete the Fellowship Nomination Form (see attachment for details)

Article 6 Procedure for Assessing Fellows

1. The number of members of the Institute to be elected each year shall not exceed 0.1% and not more than 10 members of the current development, and the total number of members shall not exceed 1% of the total number of members.

2. The Committee met in May 2017 to assess the candidates for the fellowship and select them by secret ballot, and more than half of the members participating in the meeting were elected. The meeting of the Committee must be attended by more than 2/3 members.

3. The status of being selected as a Fellow will be announced on the website of the Society for 2 weeks. If there is no objection, he or she will be formally elected as the first batch of Fellows of the Chinese Academy of Artificial Intelligence and file a report with the Standing Council of the CAAI. 

Article 7 List of Fellows

1. The jury's office will announce the list of scholars on the official website of the society.

2. Fellowship certificate issued by the executive council at the end of the year.

Article 8 Penalties

1. No one or any unit or institution may engage in any form of activities that affect the fairness of the selection process. Once the above activities are verified, if it is a nominee, it will be disqualified as a candidate, and within the next 3 years. If it is a nominee, it will be disqualified as a fellow; if it is a unit or institution, it will be warned and publicized.  And cancel the staff of the unit or the institution as a candidate for fellowship.

2. If the nominee provides false materials, after being verified by the membership expert committee, the nomination will be reported to the chairman for approval to revoke his nomination, and the criticism will be notified in an appropriate way to stop his or her recommendation qualification for two years. Appropriate sanctions shall be given in accordance with the relevant regulations of the CAAI.

3. Fellows Selection Committee and full-time staff members of the Institute participating in the review work fraud, favoritism, disclosure, acceptance of gifts by the nominee or its unit, shall be verified by the Fellowship Evaluation Expert Committee and reported to the chairman for approval. The CAAI will be criticized by the notice, and the offenders shall not participate in the selection of the members of the CAAI within two years and shall be punished accordingly.

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