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On September 17, 2019, the International Federation of automatic control (IFAC) released the list of IFAC fellows just selected for 2017-2020. Jie CHEN, executive director of Chinese Association for Artificial Intelligence and CAAI fellow, was elected for his outstanding contribution to "optimization, decision-making and control of complex systems".

The certificate will be issued at the 21st IFAC World Conference in Berlin, Germany, from July 12 to 17, 2020. After being elected as IEEE fellow in November 2018, academician Jie CHEN was once again honored as a member of an important international academic organization.

The International Federation of automatic control was founded in 1957. It is an international academic organization with national organizations as its members. It consists of nine coordinating committees and more than 40 professional committees. IFAC follow award aims to award scientists, engineers, technical leaders or educators who have made outstanding contributions in the fields of concern to IFAC. It is selected every three years. At present, 207 scholars worldwide have won this honor. According to the information released by IFAC, 25 members were selected globally, and Jie CHEN was the only one in mainland China.



Academician of Chinese Academy of engineering, President of Tongji University

Executive director of Chinese Association for Artificial Intelligence


Jie CHEN, Doctor of Engineering, professor, "Science and Technology Progress Award" winner. Now he is the director of the State Key Laboratory of "State Key Laboratory of Intelligent  Control and Decision of Complex Systems", the director of the center for intelligent robots and systems, the vice president of China automation society, the vice president of China command and control society, and the member of Shanghai AI strategic advisory expert committee. Served as deputy editor in chief and editorial board member of many international and domestic academic journals such as “IEEE Trans. on Cybernetics”"International Journal of Robust and Nonlinear Control” "Journal of Systems Science & Complexity”"SCIENCE CHINA- Information Sciences".

Jie CHEN has been engaged in teaching and scientific research in control science and engineering for a long time. His main research direction is multi index optimization and control of complex systems in dynamic environment, multi-agent collaborative control, etc. It has undertaken many tasks such as 973 Plan, NSFC, pre research, model development, etc. The theory and method of hybrid intelligent optimization and stability of distributed cooperative control are put forward and established, which breaks through the technical problems such as rapid and independent acquisition and control of digital position information, distributed cooperative control of multi motion platform, etc. the research results are closely combined with the construction of equipment system, and the developed equipment has been widely used, producing significant social and economic benefits Benefits. He won 1 second prize of the National Natural Science Award, 2 second prize of the national science and Technology Progress Award and 4 first prizes at the provincial and ministerial level. He has published more than 90 papers included in SCI, more than 40 invention patents authorized by the first inventor, 4 monographs such as “Cooperative Cluster Motion Control of Multi-Agent System”, 1 translation and 1 textbook. More than 20 doctors were trained, two of whom won the 18th " Zhaozhi GUAN Award" and the best student thesis award of Eusipco in 2017. Several doctoral dissertations were awarded Excellent Doctoral Dissertations of Beijing, Chinese Association of Automation and Chinese Institute of Command and Control.

Chinese Association for Artificial Intelligence

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