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Chapter I General

Article 1

According to the Administrative Measures of China Association for Science and Technology on Young Talents and Implementation Rules of China Association for Science and Technology on Young Talents issued by the General Office of the China Association for Science and Technology on March 30, 2017, the Chinese Association for Artificial Intelligence (CAAI) drew up some rules with the aim to ensure the smooth completion of the project and the safety and effectiveness of the project funds.

Article 2

The project will vigorously support young talents under the age of 32 who have great innovation capabilities and development potential. Each selected talent would have an annual support of 150,000 yuan for 3 consecutive years. The project focuses on supporting independent research topics, design, and prefers those who have participation in high-level international academic exchanges, or have served in influential international civil science and technology organizations. The project will help young talents score great achievements in their golden creative period, and strive to make them academic and technical leaders with outstanding moral character, outstanding professional competence, strong sense of social responsibility, comprehensive quality and international vision. And they will become important reserve power for the country's major high-level leading talents in science and technology and high-level innovation teams.

Article 3

The CAAI promotes the management of the project and has established a project team composed of the selection work leading group and the peer expert review working group. Among them, the selection work leading group is led by the president of the CAAI and the vice chairman, responsible for guiding the coordination work.

Chapter II Recommendations and Projects

Article 4

The requirement of the selected person.

1. The selected person must have firm political stand and love the motherland; He or she must have the scientific spirit of seeking the truth and innovation, cooperation and dedication, and be equipped with great innovation ability, development potential, academic research or entrepreneurial potential, and excellent academic ethics.

2. The selected person must be devoted to the research of artificial intelligence, with a good education and academic background, excellent academic ethics, independent research and development capabilities, basic research, design, innovation, and cooperation between industry, academia and research.

3. The selected person must under 32 years old and is in good health.

4. It should be evaluated and recommended by no less than 3 peer-level high-level experts with high academic prestige and noble personality, at least one of which will be responsible for guiding and supporting.

5. Under the same conditions, the following talents can be selected first: the units they work for have good research platforms and conditions, relevant supporting funds and work-based talents; talents participating in major projects, or having major invention patents, new varieties, and new technologies, etc.

Article 5

Selection process and project establishment.

1. The CAAI will publish the official selection notice, carry out extensive publicity and launching activities on the official website, WeChat Official Account and other information platforms, and push forward the registration process through various means such as real-name recommendation by experts, recommendation by branches, self-recommendation by young scientists and technicians.

2. The academic selection team will conduct qualification examinations on the applicants according to the selection criteria, and the qualified applicants will be up to selection and evaluation by experts.

3. The selection leading group of the CAAI shall determine the list of peer expert evaluation working group from the evaluation expert database of the society, conduct online preliminary evaluation on qualified applicants, and determine the shortlist of on-site defense by means of differential election.4. According to the results of the preliminary evaluation, the peer expert evaluation working group shall organize the final review in the form of on-site defense, determine the recommended order of candidates through the on-site secret ballot of experts, and determine the recommended candidates of the entrusted person according to the quatos of funds available.

5. The office of the CAAI will publicize the information about the candidates recommended by the candidates (including the names, ages, majors, work units, corresponding recommended experts and tutors), and the expert information (including the names, majors and work units) participating in the selection and evaluation on the official website and official wechat platform of the CAAI. If there is no objection to the announcement, it shall be reported to China Association for Science and Technology (CAST) for review and confirmation.

6. The candidate shall be confirmed as the nominee after being reviewed by the CAST and publicized without objection, and the Selection Certificate shall be issued.

Chapter III Project Implementation

Article 6 During the process of implementation, the mode of key cultivation of responsible tutors and joint guidance of project experts shall be adopted. The tutor is responsible for making the training plan for the talents to be recommended and the specific implementation of the training plan.

Article 7 An expert group shall be set up for the counterpart training of the talents to be promoted. The members of the expert group shall conduct a comprehensive investigation on the talents to be promoted and determine the specific training plan. In the process of project implementation, the expert group has long-term professional guidance for the talent to ensure the progress of scientific research.

Article 8 The CAAI and the unit where the talents are appointed shall create various favorable conditions for the talents and build a platform for the growth of young scientific and technological talents.

Article 9 at the end of the year, the annual assessment and evaluation shall be accomplished, and the training plan for the next year shall be studied and determined according to the actual situation.

Chapter IV Fund Management System

Article 10 the project management office of the CAAI shall be responsible for the management of the special project funds.

Article 11 all project funds shall be used for talent support, including scientific research project cost, academic activity cost, labor cost, expert consultation cost, technical training cost, working conference cost, publishing and printing cost, etc.

Article 12 special funds for projects shall not be used for the following expenditures.

1. All expenses that should be included in the basic expenditure budget of the unit;

2. Expenses to be disbursed for foundational construction;

3. Wages, fines, loan repayment, donation, sponsorship, foreign investment and other expenses;

4. Expenses unrelated to project implementation.

Article 13 project funds must be used exclusively, and shall not be misappropriated, withheld or detained.

Chapter V Supplementary Provisions

Article 14 these Rules shall be implemented as of the date of promulgation.

Article 15 the CAAI shall be responsible for the interpretation of these rules.

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