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In order to implement President  Xi Jinping‘s important instructions of “ Insist on the Close Integration of Military Theory and Military Science and Technology”, Deyi LI, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, chairman of the Chinese Association for Artificial Intelligence(CAAI), honorary chairman of the Chinese Institute of Command and Control (CISS) and researcher of the Systems Engineering of Academy of Military Sciences PLA China, initiated the New Year Symposium on “Technology Integrated with Innovation” in Beijing on February 5, 2018, which was jointly held by the CAAI, CISS and the Systems Engineering of Academy of Military Sciences PLA China .

Attendants were Academician Xuejun YANG, Academician Xicheng LU, Academician Deyi LI, Academician Aiguo FEI, Academician Hao DAI, Academician Changxiang SHEN, Academician Xiangke LIAO, Academician Quan YU, Academician Hao YIN, and AcademicianShafei WANG , as well as other more than 40  expert representatives from
    Academy of Military Science, military authorities, National Defense University of People's Liberation Army, Army Research Institute, Naval Research Institute, Air Force Research Institute, Rocket Force Research Institute and fields related to the CAAI.

On July 19, 2017, Xi Jinping, chairman of the Central Military Commission (CMC), conferred military flags and lectured the newly restructured academy of military sciences, national defense university and national defense university of science and technology.

President xi stressed that the academy of military sciences is the fist power of military science research of the whole army.

We must adapt ourselves to the new system and new requirements for military research, integrate military theory with military science and technology, make new organizational model for military research, promote collaborative innovation, develop modern military science, and strive to build world-class military research institutions.

Symposium scene

The meeting was presided over by academician Deyi LI, and President Qingzong WANG of the Systems Engineering of Academy of Military Sciences delivered a speech on behalf of the organizer.

Leaders and experts attending the meeting discussed and exchanged views on topics such as "Xi Jinping's military thinking for a new era", "the role of artificial intelligence in the revolution of military affairs" and "the innovation of intelligent command and control theory in the new era" to discuss future intelligent warfare

Academician Deyi LI presided over the symposium

President Qingzong WANG delivered a speech

Academician Xuejun YANG concluded

Some attending experts

The event was jointly organized by two national first-level societies and the Academy of Military Sciences. It is a model innovation that not only ensures the seriousness and standardization of the organization of the event, but also the openness and impartiality of academic exchanges. The integration of military and civilian, collaborative innovation, and useful exploration for the in-depth development of military and civilian integration in the field of military science and technology, and the creation of China's military intelligence development.

Chinese Association for Artificial Intelligence

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