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Recently, the preparatory work for the 2018 China Artificial Intelligence Congress (CCAI 2018), a well-known academic exchange event hosted by the CAAI, was officially launched. CCAI was first started in July 2015. This year's CCAI will be located in Shenzhen, a technology and innovation base in southern China. Now, more than 30 top guests in the field of artificial intelligence have confirmed their presence and more than 2,000 friends from all over the world are expected to attend the conference. They gather together to discuss and look forward to a new era of artificial intelligence!


 As one of the three major brand activities (GAITC, CCAI, CIIS), CCAI2018 is a top platform that brings together China's wisdom and the world's leading edge, shouldering the three visions of “leading, collaborating and empowering”. At the end of April, President Xi Jinping once again emphasized in the inspection of Wuhan that core technologies, key technologies and state-of-the-art devices must be based on Chinese ourselves. Based on the current situation, CCAI2018 set up a special forum "How to pragmatically promote the development of artificial intelligence in China", and invited global experts to discuss "the intelligent robots in Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area" and the development direction of China's "smart chips".

 The guests will exchange with the participants to share the most cutting-edge scientific research results and judge the future trends. CCAI2018 will also build a cooperation bridge for elites from all walks of life. We welcome the unswerving institutions with following visions   to become partners of CCAI2018 and inject honors to the times!

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 Partners should have insights into opportunities and thus lead the further development.  People leading in the region, industry, scientific research field, or hoping to become a leader in the region, industry and scientific research through technological innovation, will help to promote the overall level of regional, industry and scientific research.



 Partners should be open and inclusive.. People are required to combine the resources of the real economy and the AI field to help each other, and have mature cases and reasonable plans for cross-domain, cross-industry and cross-resource cooperation so as to promote the deep integration of AI and the real economy.



 People should keep people-oriented in mind and gain benefits through empowering..  They are supposed to participate in the establishment or implementation of artificial intelligence related industry standards, technology open platforms, public resource platforms, public service projects and pay attention to the social impact of artificial intelligence, initiate or participate in AI technology ethics research or discussion, and actively promote technology popularization and public participation.


 Following the “13th Five-Year National Science and Technology Innovation Plan” issued by the State Council in 2016, the artificial intelligence was first written into the “Government Work Report” in 2017, and the fourth CCAI held this summer will surely improve the development of China’s science and technology innovation, add new driving force, and enhance the new economy. I hope that the organizations and industry colleagues in the global artificial intelligence community will join the CAAI to this feast of technology and wisdom!

For more details of the conference, please pay attention to the official website: Https://ccai2018.caai.cn/

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